Customize color of your kill messages

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Customize color of your kill messages

Post by =(V)=Aimless » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:44 am

Modify your in game kill messages to suit a rainbow theme! A friend of mine passed this little modification/tweak on to me and I thought it was pretty cool, So I decided to share it with others.

Installation Below

1. Download Rainbow.txt :downloadfail
2. Locate your Unreal tournament folder
3. Place Rainbow.txt in the System folder
4. Open User.INI
5. Select a blank bind and put =exec Rainbow.txt (For example mine is NumPad1=exec Rainbow.txt)
6. Launch your game and press the bind you set to execute the Rainbow.txt before joining a game

if you would rather skip instructions 3-6 simply launch your game, open the console in game and type 'exec Rainbow.txt' before joining a game.

Unfortunately you do have to toggle your bind and or execute the command in the console every time you start up your game. :blink

That should be it. Enjoy! :cool :gun7

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